Orgin story

Our orgin story
February 19, 2016 divasoutdoors

Starting out

soulmate (n). A person ideally suited for another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Soon after we met we knew we were soulmates. Not the mushy-gushy kind of “soulmate” people speak of but the kind that were simply meant to find each other.

Our first hangout was spent spelunking abandoned mining caves in southern Oregon.  The second, climbing scaffolding and eating one too many hotdogs. (Did we mention we LOVE hotdogs?! #drunchies 

Suffice say our friendship took off after that.  

We are a couple of big dreamers.  Planning anything from a weekend camping trip to hiking to Machu Picchu! 

From day one, we’ve dealt with the struggles of being geographically challenged… (long distance friendships, man!). Making moves all over the west coast. We’ve surpassed months without seeing each other, numerous state lines, countries, airline miles, FaceTime calls, countless bottles of wine, an occasional drunken food cart (amongst other bad decisions) and most importantly, regardless of geographic location, unending adventures outdoors. Which led us here!


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